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Indonesian internet Continue to Grow, Start-Ups increasingly Promising Local

Internet penetration in Indonesia, which continues to grow making the future of the digital start-ups (the pioneer company in the world of the Internet) the more promising. This was revealed by Pontus Sonnerstedt, Country Manager for Indonesia today released Yahoo! Yahoo! OMG in Jakarta recently.
According to Pontus, when Internet penetration in the life of society the higher the venture capital financiers or entity will be easier and believed to digital poured funds to local start-ups.
"From a financial perspective would be advantageous," he said. With 240 million inhabitants, the penetration of Internet users in Indonesia has more than 10 percent (estimated 30 million to 40 million people).
Unfortunately, the number of digital local start-ups and web entrepreneurs is still very small, estimated at under 2,000 people.
One reason is not many people who believe to invest in web-based company. According to Pontus, the entry into Indonesia Yahoo! actually be good for the web promotion of local entrepreneurs.
"The world now begin to look to Indonesia, after India and China. Yahoo! Representative in Indonesia is the second largest in the Asia Pacific region after Singapore. Obviously, we'll be here for a long time," he explained.
Pontus did not just talk. In May 2010 Yahoo! has acquired Koprol, location-based social networking locally made Indonesia. Since being acquired by Yahoo, primarily through advertising and promotional support, Koprol recorded remarkable growth. Up to 1386 percent. Even the percentage is as high as 12-fold. Within 6 months, the social networking already passed the 1 million users. Outstanding achievements in a relatively young age. With the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, seemed to get a moment Koprol.
Added another, the average growth activity Koprol members were also increased by 40 percent. He revealed, had only 10 new members, 350 posts, 750 comments every hour. Now that number continues to grow to 400 new members, 600 posts, and 1,300 comments every hour. Even now Koprol based community members also rose to more than 60 communities.
According to the Design and Community Manager Yahoo! Koprol Satya Witoelar, one key to success is the ease of social networking Koprol to make Indonesian society is always connected with her friends. Going forward, Satya hope Koprol can record many more users in Indonesia.
"Of course there will be more features we will add in there," he explained. Besides Koprol, Yahoo OMG is proof of seriousness Yahoo! in market penetration in Indonesia. They also launched a TVC with a model Olla Ramlan.
"Celebrity drives people online," says Pontus. He even hopes to pick up Yahoo! OMG also new to the net, ie, those who still lay with the Internet. So far Yahoo! other products are quite popular in Indonesia is Yahoo! Mail and Messenger and various images Flickr site.
It may be that Indonesia is being ogled by the world. At the end of last May, a journalist from Tech Crunch Sarah Lacy had come to Jakarta to find out about the development of local startups. He had met with the owner of Alpha Leontinus Tokopedia Edison, creator DailySocial Mamuaya Rama, Satya Witoelar from Koprol, Selina Limma Urbanesia originator and founder Andrew Dervish Kaskus. In a posting on his blog, Sarah admitted wonder how Internet users in Indonesia, which dominates the user's Facebook and Twitter, but do not have the ecosystem for start-upsyang grow organically like the early period in Sillicon Valley.
According to Pontus, every state has a character and a very different market. But what distinguishes Indonesia in addition to a very rapid market growth is the scale.
"If there is a product that explodes in Indonesia, then the scale can be enormous, given the population of this country a lot," he said.

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